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little fin/BIG FIN

AS OF JUNE 21 NEW Big Fin/little fin pairings have been made and highlighted in yellow. 

Little/BIG FIN is a great way to meet new families and develop lifelong relationships plus have a lot of fun. Many families remain friends with their Little Fin/Big Fin long after their swimmer stops swimming. ON MONDAY JUNE 10th you will find your Little Fin/Big Fin On the attached spreadsheets. Some Big Fins have 2 Little Fins so you may see your name twice. Some boys may have a girl as their BIG fin, don't worry these are GREAT girls and are lots of FUN! A few rising 5th graders received a little fin as we had a low sign up for BIG Fins this year. Sign Up Here:


Little/Big Fin is a fun way to meet other swim families, have fun, and build team spirit. You may not know your Little Fin/Big Fin’s family at first but hopefully by the end of the swim season you will.

Help your swimmer build a friendship with their Little Fin/Big Fin by talking to their Little Fin/Big Fin and their family.

DOUBLE check with your Little Fin/Big Fin’s parents about food & contact allergies.

The swimmers exchange little gifts at HOME meets and at the Pasta Pep Party before championships, these are things such as a snack bag (healthy swim snacks) or other little trinkets (some ideas include: bubbles, nail polish, glow sticks).

At the end are some additional ideas and a link to a Pinterest Board with food and non-food ideas - please be as creative as you want but keep it small.


Model Behavior – know that your little fin is watching your actions and listening to your words. Be kind and a good role model.

Encourage – verbalize when your little fin is working hard and notice good effort with words of encouragement and support.

Focus on the Positive – Help your little fin by building their self-esteem and self-confidence by cheering for them during their swims.

Get to know your Little Fin:

In the heat sheet, find their events and write them down and be sure to cheer for them.

Check with them or their parents to see if your Little Fin has any food/contact allergies.

Play "Would you Rather" with them this is a fun way to get to know your Little Fin!

Play games with them during the meet such as Uno or tic tac toe. (But be mindful of when your events are!!!)

Introduce your little fins to your friends.


Cheer! - cheer loud and get excited for your Big Fin when they are swimming. Support - In the heat sheet find their events and write them down and be sure to cheer for them.

Get to Know your BIG Fin.

Check with them or their parents to see if your Little Fin has any food/contact allergies.


The Pinterest Board below has some ideas for spirit/good luck gifts some of these are for other activities but can be easily adapted for swimming…


Glow sticks

Bubbles (eat my bubbles)

Nail polish

Water bottles

Sharpie Marker

Rub on tattoos

Coloring sheets (on the Pinterest board above)



Water, diluted fruit juice

Pasta salad

Bananas, grapes, apples, plums, pears

Dried fruit e.g. raisins, apricots, mango


Crackers and rice cakes with bananas and/or honey

Mini-pancakes, fruit buns

Cereal bars, fruit bars, sesame snaps

Yogurt and yogurt drinks

Prepared vegetable crudités e.g. carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery


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